Fade (2007)  /  Procession (2009)
He who seeks inner peace, is bound first to confront himself. 
Part 1: Fade (2007)
Part 2: Procession (2009)
Fade is an abstract, short film for which the English musicgroup SonVer composed the music and soundscape. 
Procession participated in the Alchemy of Man film+concert project by SonVer, for which Peter Sieben made this short film to accompany the music piece Procession. 
Fade was screened at several filmfestivals in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, New York and during three online-festivals. 
Cast and crew
Cast: Chris Mennen, Geerteke van Lierop, Urias Boerleider (Procession) and Eliza Duinhoven (Procession)
Filmmakers: Peter Sieben and Gert Fokkens (Fade)
Music: SonVer
Sounddesign (Fade): Jan Schermer