A Day in June (2018)

In A Day in June - a song cycle in 5 portraits a traveller is, just before leaving for a new journey, first travelling into his inner world. Trying to find his dream, he's being confronted with an illusion. 
A Day in June (2018) is a new short film opera filmed by Peter Sieben, with music composed by Marion von Tilzer, based on a libretto of Gerard Harleman and that includes painted portraits by visual artist Ludo Winkelman. The project has been inspired by a poem by the Portugese writer/poet Fernando Pessoa (1888-1935), that is also included in the music and the film as an epilogue.
The film is produced by MuziCan Foundation and Orphic Film in The Netherlands and is available for international festival screenings. 
A Day in June was screened at the Blow-up International Arthouse Filmfest (Chicago, 2019 - Founder's L'Eclisse Award for Outstanding Arthouse Film) and at the Everyday Arias filmfestival (London, 2021). It has also received the Certificate of Official Selection for the 2nd The Hague Global Cinema Festival (The Hague, November 2020). 
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Cast and crew
Mattijs van de Woerd - traveller (lead role)

Gerard Harleman - libretto
Marion von Tilzer - music composition (www.marionvontilzer.com)
Ludo Winkelman - visual art, paintings (www.ludowinkelman.nl)
Peter Sieben - directing, camera and editing (www.orphicfilm.nl)
Gert Fokkens - screenplay

Mattijs van de Woerd - baritone
Marion von Tilzer - piano  (www.marionvontilzer.com)
Janneke van Prooijen - violin (www.jannekevanprooijen.nl)
Eilidh Martin - cello
Konstantin Koukias - music recording coordinator
Jorge Luís Castro - Portugese vocal coaching
Paul Evans - libretto translation
Paul Power - music recording and mixing (www.powersoundstudio.com)
Jan Schermer - sound design film
Kees Winkelman - painting photography (www.keeswinkelman.nl
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